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Maintenance Method of Illuminated Mirror

Mirror maintenance is actually very simple, here are some suggestions:

1. The mirror should be placed in a dry place and avoid the effects of moisture. Do not touch or wipe the mirror with wet hands or wet cloth to damp the mirror, causes the mirror's light layer to deteriorate.

2. Mirrors should not be exposed to acids, alkalis and oils, which can corrode the mirror surface.

3. The mirror should be wiped with a soft, dry cloth to prevent the mirror from being rubbed.

4. The frame should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth or cotton to prevent the frame from rusting.

5. Before bathing, the soap can be applied to the mirror surface and then wiped with a dry cloth. A soap film is formed on the mirror surface to prevent the mirror surface from being blurred.

6. If the mirror is dirty, can wipe the mirror stain with toothpaste or 30% clean diluent.



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