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The Advantages of Beaume LED Mirrors

Beaume is a professional Mirror Light manufacturer and we have full-range series of LED Illuminated Mirrors. And today I want let you know the advantages about Liteharbor LED mirrors.

1. The product is environmentally friendly, the mirror layer is copper-free, lead-free, and the mirror primer is made of imported materials, which conforms to the industry's mirroring standards and export inspection standards.

2. Including international trade certification standards such as ETL, CE, ROSE, SGS, etc.

3. The glass uses the brand's high quality glass. Guarantee product quality, higher safety, higher profit and market competitiveness.

4. The mirror image is clear and the imaging rate is high. It brings you a good life experience.

5. Silver backed mirror, can effectively prevent the black spots, durable, rust-free aluminum and glass construction resists moisture and ensures a clear, flawless reflection every time.

When you need the LED mirror, Liteharbor will be the right one for you.



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