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Why Choose Liteharbor Mirror Light

Liteharbor is a professional modern LED mirror might manufacturer. And we offer you a variety of mirror lights to complement any décor and give you a clean, tastefully lit area. It has a complete lighted mirror product line, included Illuminated Mirror, illuminated cabinet and Magnifying Mirror Light.

Liteharbor Mirror Light has more advantages such as:

CE Certificate
Liteharbor Mirror Light are CE Certificate, it guarantees highest protection level for you and family.

ETL Listed
Our Mirror Light obtained the ETL Listed that represents it meet the mandatory standards of North America, which can successfully sell to the North American market.

Customized Services
Liteharbor as the professional manufacturer, we are able to offer the customized services, you can customize styles, dimensions, or additional functions.

Warranty Period
Our mirror lights will provide 5 Years Limited Warranty, commitment to provide free repair and maintenance for the failure of the product due to quality problems.

Choosing Liteharbor Mirror Light will not only bring you high quality products but also sincere services, you deserve a better supplier and Liteharbor will be the right one for you.



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