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6 Skills to Purchasing a Bathroom Mirror

6 Skills to Purchasing a Bathroom Mirror

1. Appearance
When buying bathroom mirrors, you should observe the mirror from multiple angles such as the front, side, and back. One thing you need to know that a high quality Illuminated Mirror will not have bubbles, debris, crush points, glass defects, discoloration, yellow spots, cloud blemish, black spots, black edges and other defects.

2. Image Effect
The imaging effect of the mirror must be good. In general, the imaging of the 5 mm thick mirror within 2 meters must not be deformed or oblique, and make sure that the straight line is unchanged. You can pay attention to the straight objects in the mirror when you look in the bathroom mirror,if the straight object is not bent, that the imaging effect is good.

3. Making Process
In the case of bathroom mirrors, in order to protect the silver ions from reacting with moisture in the air, the lens produces the black spots, on the silver film, a layer of copper film will be plated, and a primer and topcoat will be laid on the copper film to enhance the protection and prolong the service life of the mirror.

4. Thickness
The price of the bathroom mirror of different thickness is different, and generally the thick mirrors are more expensive. Many people choose to buy a thin mirror in order to save money. It is necessary to know that the mirror is too thin and easy to break, so we recommend picking a thickness of 8 mm.

5. Style
The choice of bathroom mirror should take into account the overall style of the bathroom, consistent with the overall style. For example, some oval mirrors are more suitable for European style, and square mirrors are more suitable for Chinese style.

6. Functions
a) Waterproof and Rustproof Function
When the mirror is placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, it will become dim and even rust and fall off. Therefore, the waterproof and rustproof function of the mirror is important. Usually we can move the line of sight to see if there is any bending deformation of the object, so we know if there is any problem.

b) Anti-fog Function
A lot of fog will appear after the shower in the bathroom, causing the mirror surface to become blurred. Most of the mirror lights on the market now carry this function, and it is a custom anti-fog film, which is a translucent polyester film that can generate heat after electrifying.

c) Storage Function
The bathroom space is generally small, so a Bathroom Illuminated Mirror with storage function can make up for the lack of bathroom space. In this case, you can choose the illuminate mirror cabinet, which will bring you unexpected results.

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