Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Liteharbor Lighting Privacy Policy
Effective February 1, 2021

What does this privacy policy cover?
This Privacy Policy describes the privacy practices of Liteharbor® and its websites, email programs, and marketing and advertising practices.

What information does Liteharborcollect about me?

Company Contact
When you contact us to purchase products or for customer service, we collect information that identifies you such as your name, company name, email address, payment information, and shipping details. We may also sometimes collect other information that does not identify you, such as your job title or industry.

When you receive an email from us, and open, read, or interact with buttons, links and other tools, we may collect information about your interaction with our email and use of these features.

When you visit our website and interact with content, buttons, links and other tools, we may collect information about your use of these features. We may use cookies to track activity on our website, for example navigation, time on page, page views, etc.

Social Media
When you visit our social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube), we may collect information about your interaction with our pages.

How can I remove myself from your email marketing campaigns?
To remove yourself from Safeology’s email distribution list simply click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the next email you receive from us. Please note that even if you opt-out of receiving marketing emails, we may still email you individually as to orders you have placed, transactions you have made with us, in response to your email to us, or in response to questions you may have asked.

How is information about me used?
We use information collected about you in a number of ways, including:
• Providing the services, support, or information you have requested.
• Understanding how our website and applications are being used so we can improve them.
• Diagnosing problems in our website and email program.
• Sending business messages such as those related to payments.
• Sending notices about new products, special offers, and similar information.
• Publishing customer and project lists on websites and email.
• Publishing aggregate information that doesn’t specifically identify you, such as statistical information about visitors to our websites or statistical information about how customers use our products, website, and services.

Is my personal information shared?
No, we do not share your personal information.

Where is my personal information stored?
Your personal information and data files are stored on our servers and the servers of companies we hire to provide services to us. Your personal information may be transferred across national borders because we have servers located worldwide and the companies we hire to help us run our business are located in various countries around the world.

Is my personal information secure?
We understand that the security of your personal information is important. We make every possible effort in to protect your security. However, despite our efforts, no security controls are 100% effective.

Will you market to me?
We and the companies we hire to help us market our products, services, and website may use your information to provide you with information and offers related to Safeology. We give you choices regarding our marketing practices.

Will this Privacy Policy change?
It may change. If it does, we will update the date of our Privacy Policy. The date of the most recent Privacy Policy is posted on the Privacy Policy page.

Who should I contact with questions or concerns?
If you have a privacy question or complaint, please contact us at +867578180 8675

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